Cold Rolled Coil, Hot Rolled Coil, Galvanized Coil, Prepainted Coil


27/200 Form 38/151 Form Trapezoidal Sheet Concrete Trapezoidal Sheet


Galvanized Packet Sheet, Hot Rolled Packet Sheet, Cold Rolled Packet Sheet, Prepainted Packet Sheet, Patterned Packet Sheet, Trapezoidal Sheet


MSM ÇELİK ; It was established in 2018 with the principle of being a company that has a say in the sales of iron and steel products, and has proven to be among the leading companies in the sector with its sales activities since its establishment.

It supplies and sells hot rolled pickled, cold rolled, galvanized and painted sheet, flat steel product groups among the products of MSM ÇELİK .

It aims to reach all customers with maximum performance in order to become one of the leading brands with its expert, professional team and experience in the sector. Automotive Durable Consumption, Construction, Energy and Machinery-Equipment are the leading sectors it serves.

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Hot Rolled Sheet

It must be rolled after being turned into slab in liquid steel continuous casting facilities with adjusted chemical components. Usually the thickness is 200-250 mm.

Cold Rolled Sheet

The Hot Rolled Coil, whose surface is cleaned of scale with acid, is passed through reversible or tandem rolling (4-5 foot rolling) to make it thinner thickness and rolled to the target thickness. However, the sheet in this state is fragile and hard.

Galvanized Sheet

They are flat steels in the form of coils or sheets with a thickness varying between 0.3 – 2.00 mm, which are obtained by hot rolling the rectangular semi-product in a hot rolling mill, which is called slab and is formed as a result of solidification of liquid steel by continuous casting method.

Painted Sheet

Painted Sheet ; It is obtained by processing cold rolled coils with polyester-containing paints after galvanizing coating in certain proportions.

Trapezoidal Sheet

Production is made in special diameters and thicknesses according to the order. The standard length is 6000 mm and it is produced between 3000 mm-9000 mm in special orders. The welding area of ​​galvanized profiles is covered with zinc spraying method.

Patterned Sheet

It is the black sheet rolled in order to make the surfaces of the iron steel sheets used especially on the base surfaces slippery and to prevent this slippery from increasing over time.